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Tim Gosden is a multi-talented producer, songwriter and musician, based in Norwich. Tim has been producing music for almost 15 years, and has worked with many artists and bands since graduating from Leeds College of Music.

His production skills have garnered tens of millions of streams and mainstream radio success across hundreds of releases, making him a sought-after producer in the industry. Tim has demonstrated his consistent hit-making quality over and over again, and his ability to produce a wide range of music genres has made him a versatile producer.

Tim's collaborations with major labels such as Universal and Sony have resulted in some notable highlights in his career. He has produced tracks for artists such as Mari Bella (Sony), Ella (Universal - Norway MGP, 2023), Loredana (Eurosong Belgium, 2023), Anne Gudrun, Numidia, Allegra, Tristan Henry, Red Bull Sound Supply, Evie Palmer, Jake Isaac, and Jonathan Ogden. These collaborations have not only helped establish Tim as a respected producer in the industry but also helped these artists achieve mainstream success.

Tim is published by Audiofreaks / Galactic Media and attends songwriting camps across Europe on a regular basis, working with chart topping artists. In addition to his production work, Tim is also an accomplished songwriter and musician. He is known for his ability to write catchy hooks and melody lines, which have been featured in various adverts, mainstream TV shows, and Netflix.

Tim's passion for music, coupled with his technical skills, experience, and versatility, make him a valuable asset to any project. He continues to work on new projects and collaborations, and is always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of music production.

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