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This short guide outlines my current production rates. I hope we can create some amazing music together!


Tim Gosden 2024 Rates:


Day Rate (Writing & Production): £400

Production Service Fee (minimum): £1500 + 5% master

Production Buyout (minimum): £3500

Editing / Vocal Tuning: £60/hour

Mixing: £500/song (includes stems, instrumental and acapella)

Vocal Mixing: £250/song (includes stems, instrumental and acapella)



  • Mixing does not include mastering, unless otherwise agreed

  • Mix and production revisions will be addressed within reasonable limits (to be discussed per project)

  • Travel expenses to be covered by the client, at a pre-agreed rate

  • Delivery timelines are to be mutually agreed upon based on project complexity

  • Publishing is handled by Galactic Media. Songwriting and production splits will be determined collaboratively at the time of writing or production.

  • VAT is not presently chargeable. Please note, this may be subject to change.

  • Sample contracts can be provided if required.

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